Be Aware of Tourist Scams and Rip-Offs while in Bohol

Your guide to avoiding scams while visiting Bohol!Bohol Scam Information

While visiting Bohol there are a few scams that seem to pop up from time to time. Here is ways to avoid them! Just keep in mind, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.  Transportation Scams Taxi, Tricycle Drivers, tour guides and local Drivers taking you to your desired destination might try every trick in the book, from asking you for extra money for a fare to driving to offering cheaper accommodations or motorcycle rentals. Yes its a pain in the but, but there are was to handle it while visiting here. The best way is to know the prices for the different destinations beforehand that way your savoy about what the price should be and spot a scammer. Another tip is always agree on a price before you get the ride and don’t pay until you get where you need to be.

Tricycle Costs – Bohol The major mode of transport in Tagbilaran City and other places in Bohol is the tricycle, a small cab powered by a motorcycle that can accommodate up to 3 passengers. Tricycles are usually limited only to the city or town where they are licensed to operate, but in some cases they can take you to neighboring towns. The normal rate for tricycles in Tagbilaran City is 7 pesos per kilometer. so getting around Tagbilaran City shouldn’t cost you more than 50 PHP. Some will ask for up to 500PHP This is a scammer and should be avoided (Walk away) there are lots of honest tricycle drivers, you just have to find one.

bohol-scam-alertTransport Vans or (V-Hire) If you have a large group or a family, its best to arrange transport before you arrive so you don’t have to deal with the drivers who are outside the seaport/airport offering their services for inflated prices. Its usually between 250 PHP – 600 PHP for transport van or (VHire) to alona beach from the seaport/airport.

Motorcycle rental scam When renting a scooter to scoot around the Bohol countryside it can quickly turn into a nightmare when the bike you’re riding is either stolen (Yes they will sometimes rent stolen motorcycles to visitors) outdated registration, breaks down or you have an accident. Pulled over by the police? If you get pulled over driving a stolen or illegally registered motorcycle in Bohol this could turn into a nightmare and some jail time. Make sure you get up-to date contracts and paperwork that matches the owners name before you rent a motorcycle here.

If its an accident your in: The owner of the motorcycle will then take you and his damaged bike to their scammer repair shop, where the mechanic makes a big number estimate of the damage. The owner then will insist you cover the cost for the repairs. So You shell out a ton of cash to cover the costs of the (already damaged bike). More than likely, you’ve just given them more cash than they would make in a month.

TIP: If you need a reliable motorcycle rental place we recommend you use bohol motor cycle rentals. In conclusion you will have a lot more fun here if you just follow these simple guidelines.

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The Best of Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol – A White Beach Experience

Welcome to The Best of Alona Beach where your sure to enjoy A White Sand Beach Experience

Panglao Island of Bohol is a haven for white sand beach seekers. Among Bohol’s diverse coastlines, Alona beach (Panglao Island) which stretches one and a half kilometers of the island seems to be garnering popularity from tourists. Besides soaking under the sun and sunset watching, the beach generously suggests tons of things to do with varied establishments and beachfront resorts built within the area.

Alona Beach Panglai Island Bohol
If you’re into water sports or recreational sports, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the snorkeling sites with colorful reefs housing thousands of exotic fish species. You can either bring own snorkeling accessories or rent snorkel equipment from the local dive shops cheap at the Alona Beach. For starters, most diving schools are located close to the beach and are available to help you get started with diving or snorkeling.

With several diverse Alona Beach Resorts to choose from, tour packages are available to match your Bohol budget trip.

We compare Bohol, Philippines beach hotels and resorts prices from hundreds of hotel booking sites, saving your money for a budget and relaxing vacation!

Choose the best resort here that fits in your budget.
Eating out in restaurants here, you will be happy to know, those looking to explore locally prepared cuisines will find some of the best food here. Your vacation isn’t over!  At night, the beach is all lit up and teaming with places to be entertained by various open bars, live music and friendly people ready to serve you, the tourists. Its Better In Bohol!

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Cliff View Beach Resort – Panglao Island Bohol

Cliff View Resort is an oceanfront resort, located in Panglao Island, Bohol. This Resort offers spectacular views of the Pacific with breathless sunsets. Simply perfect for family vacations!

Looking for a secret sanctuary on the island of Panglao, Bohol?Panglao Island Beach Resort
Looking to get away and escape to a secluded tropical paradise?

Then come and stay with us and treat yourself to a vacation at Cliff View Resort in beautiful Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.
Our resort is set within a shady tropical garden that gently spills on to a secluded cliff overlooking the Philippine sea.
Our concept was to create a hidden world in keeping with tradition and in tune with nature, simple yet luxurious, exotic and romantic.

Cliff View Resort is an oasis of tranquility where our guests enjoy a blissful lifestyle experience of uncompromising quality and exceptional personal service.
A perfect romantic getaway for newlyweds, and a perfect place to celebrate love in our hidden Eden.
Cliff View resort is waiting for you. Book On-Line Today!

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Motion Sickness Medication

Motion sickness, sometimes referred to as sea sickness or car sickness, is a very common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion. In addition to sea travel, motion sickness can develop from the movement of a car or from turbulence in an airplane. The symptoms of motion sickness are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, and a sense of feeling unwell. These symptoms arise from the inner ear (labyrinth) due to changes in one’s sense of balance and equilibrium.Motion Sickness Medication


Motion Sickness

While it may be impossible to prevent all cases of motion sickness, the following tips can help you prevent or lessen the severity of motion sickness:

  1. Watch your consumption of foods, drinks, and alcohol before and during travel. Avoid excessive alcohol and foods or liquids that “do not agree with you” or make you feel unusually full. Heavy, spicy, or fat-rich foods may worsen motion sickness in some people.
  1. Avoiding strong food odors may also help prevent nausea.
  1. Try to choose a seat where you will experience the least motion. The middle of an airplane over the wing is the calmest area of an airplane. On a ship, those in lower level cabins near the center of a ship generally experience less motion than passengers in higher or outer cabins.
  1. Do not sit facing backwards from your direction of travel.
  1. Sit in the front seat of a car.
  1. Do not read while traveling if you are prone to motion sickness.
  1. When traveling by car or boat, it can sometimes help to keep your gaze fixed on the horizon or on a fixed point.
  1. Open a vent or source of fresh air if possible.
  1. Isolate yourself from others who may be suffering from motion sickness. Hearing others talk about motion sickness or seeing others becoming ill can sometimes make you feel ill yourself.
  1. The over-the-counter medication meclizine (Bonine, Antivert, Dramamine) can be a very effective preventive measure for short trips or for mild cases of motion sickness. Your doctor also may choose to prescribe medications for longer trips or if you repeatedly develop severe motion sickness. One example of a prescription medication is a patch containing scopolamine (Transderm-Scop) that often is effective in preventing motion sickness. Remember that scopolamine can cause drowsiness and has other side effects, and its use should be discussed with your physician prior to your trip.
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Panglao Bohol Best Scuba Diving Destinations

Enjoy Scuba Diving at the Popular Dive Sites with Bohol Fun Divers in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines!

Bohol Scuba Diving Destination - Best Dive Sites in Panglao Island

Experience the best bio diversity in the world by Scuba diving and island hopping with Bohol Fun Divers – we are the new PADI 5 STAR DIVE RESORT in Bohol and offer scuba diving, PADI Dive Courses, beach resort accommodation, dive safaris and dive travel in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.

Philippine Fun Divers: Scuba Diving and dive related activities are our specialty.

Next to scuba diving we doBohol Scuba Diving Destination - Best Dive Sites in Panglao Island
PADI dive courses, arrange your transfers and accommodation in selected beach resorts and organize day-trips to the Chocolate Hills and other destinations in and around Panglao
Island, Bohol.

Philippine Fun Divers, one of only a few PADI 5 STAR DIVE RESORTS in the area, is under German management and Holger Horn, the Managing Director, is a PADI Master Instructor who knows the Philippines since 1986.

scuba diving bohol

Book your Bohol Scuba Diving Adventure at Lost Horizon Dive Resort Annex

Lost Horizon Annex Dive Resort - Panglao Island, Bohol

Lost Horizon ANNEX offers a Lower Room Cost with comparable amenities.
Only 100 Meters away from Lost Horizon Annex Dive Resort, you’ll become one with the unspoiled white sands of Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines. You’ll see the breathtaking views, hear the sounds and sense the beauty of the Western Pacific Ocean. The crystal clear waters, and the famous sugar sand beaches of Panglao Island

Lost Horizon Annex Room Amenities Offers:Lost Horizon Dive Resort Annex - Panglao Island, Bohol Scuba Diving

  • 23 Rooms with Pool/Garden View
  • Fully Stocked Mini-bar Ref (Fully Stocked)
  • IDD/NDD Phones in every room (for local or international calls)
  • 32″ LCD flat screen TV’s in each room
  • All rooms provide balconies
  • Complementary Water and Coffee
  • All Rooms Have Ceiling Fans
  • All Rooms Have A Safe
  • All Rooms Have A Hair Dryer
  • All Rooms Have Hot and Cold Fresh Water
  • Baby Crib/Cot Available at (No Charge) Subject to availability
  • 24Hr Security Guard

Lost Horizon Annex Dive Resort Features:

  • Free WIFI High-Speed DSL internet In Every Room
  • 23 modern rooms
  • Fax and email
  • IDD/NDD Phones in every room (for local or international calls)
  • Swimming pool
  • A bar and restaurant
  • A PADI dive shop right on the beach (100 Meters away)
  • Lush Landscaping
  • Boat Tours and Land Tours Available Upon Request
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