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MV Starcraft

Cebu to Tubigon Bohol
Pier 1 North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel: 520-5212

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Contact Us, 6.9 out of 10 based on 87 ratings

  • #1 written by joebert
    about 4 years ago

    Would like to purchase March 28 Cebu to Tubigon tickets. Where can I get it?

  • #2 written by Tereza
    about 4 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to purchase 4 tickets from Cebu to Tubigon on May 11th, in the business class. How can I do it?
    Thank you very much.

  • #3 written by manuel
    about 4 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madaam,

    I would like to purchase 5 tickets from Cebu to Tubigon on May 25,2013, in the tourist class. How I can Buy the tickets or book it.

    Thank you very much.



  • #4 written by Haley Helfer
    about 4 years ago


    Hope you are doing well!
    I’d like to purchase tickets to Tubigon for the day of July 13. How can I do this?
    Thanks so much!

  • #5 written by Alven Alinan
    about 4 years ago


    Good day. I would like to purchase 5 tickets from Tubigon to Cebu. How can I make a settlement with you?

    The trip is on October 20, 2013.



  • #6 written by Jake
    about 4 years ago

    i would like to ask then management ., Please discipline your ticketing staff assign in tubigon time 6:45 trip this evening. july 24, 2013. Wlay customer service inyo staff. maldita pa gyud og suplada. duha mi ka passengers nag reklamo ganina . if u want more info pls call me 09082449888. i want to share this one in the owner

  • #7 written by Dennis V. Badilles
    about 4 years ago

    I would like to purchase 5 tickets for cebu to tubigon on August 3, 2013 preferably between 5 to 6 am trip. How can I make reservations. Thanks

  • #8 written by Lennie Saguan
    about 4 years ago

    Out travel is on aug 25, 6am from cebu to bohol then, return on aug 26 from tagbilan to cebu, where i can purchase the ticket we 5 adult and 1 child

    lennie saguan

  • #9 written by Sam Machida
    about 3 years ago


    I want to take MVstarcraft, from Cebu to Tubigon. and
    regularly, our baggage is about 40kg.
    I’d like to know that how much we have to pay additional?

    Sam and Nao

  • #10 written by Charmaine Claros
    about 3 years ago

    Good day to you. I would like to inquire if will there be a trip by Thursday afternoon, October 7, 2013? Do please notify me as soon as possible. Will highly appreciate your response. Thank you and God bless!

  • #11 written by Nikki Wirawan
    about 3 years ago

    Hello, we are group of four want to use your service to go from cebu to tubigon on july 17th at 7:00 am and from tubigon to cebu on july 18th at 12:30, how can we reserve it? thanks in advance we eagerly await for your response

  • #12 written by Name (required)
    about 3 years ago

    gud pm, y man nga wla pa kalarga ang 3:30pm nga barko pdung ug tubigon krun??????

  • #13 written by Jun Celocia
    about 3 years ago

    Im a regular customer every saturday afternoon for bohol and monday morning for cebu. There are some instances for the in-charge for ticketing booth at Tubigon, Bohol for her misbehavior in handling passengers…. pls be reminded that a simple approach asking if there is any economy accommodation DISPATSARON TA PAGTUBAG…walay batasan. Please please action make an action for him.

  • #14 written by netta
    about 3 years ago

    Hello. Would like to know if the ferry would be working on Sunday as scadualed? And how far is the port from alona beach?

  • #15 written by Kristeen claire
    about 3 years ago

    Good day. I just want to ask what’s the process of online booking. Terms of here in toledo city,cebu.thanks.

  • #16 written by KIm JI HYE
    about 3 years ago

    I want to purchase the ticket on 18th April
    Is there an available seats?

    How can I reserve the tickets?

  • #17 written by Princess Pauline Perez
    about 3 years ago

    Hi, would like to book a tickets for 3 person on June 26, 2014 in the morning from cebu city to tubigon.

  • #18 written by maricar
    about 2 years ago

    I just had a very bad experience with my travel. Very poor customer service starcrft 2 departed tubigon 12:30pm, 11/13/14. Heres what happened. Wai klarung dunggo-anan pag abot. Mi agi mi og lain barko before maka adto sa pier. Well, its not the issue. ive been regularly travelling to and from cebu for the past 16 years I understand it happens sometimes although i know dili gyud unta na siya pwede. However, the problem here is among karga. Dihay porter willing mo kuha sa bag but ang problema walai mo dawat padung sa pikas barko. I was there sa pikas starcrft but Lisud pud ug ako ang mo dawat kai bug-at ang bag and what if dili nako madaog, dili ko mo risk nga matagak ang bag sa dagat….so I ask one crew at back “dong palihug ko aning bag ug dawat”. His reply, “kana ra siya mam” dayung tudlo using his “simod”didto porter. So I ask the crew in front “sir palihug ku sa mga bags. Dapat naai mag assist diri kai wai klaru ang dunggu-anan?” Niduol siya, nasuko kai nag assist pud daw siya sa mga pasahero. And then he said “Unsaon mani nako akong lawas? Akong tungaon?!”… HELLO?! Sir, So you mean we figure out ourselves unsaon namo pagkuha sa among mga karga? Sala d i namo kung wamo ka tarung ug dunggo? Worst was iya gidawat ako ba, gibutang niya sa pikas barko unya gibundak! I got really pissed off by his actions. I reported the incident to PPA.
    Suggestion: you might want to properly delegate your personnel and please improve customer service.

  • #19 written by San
    about 2 years ago

    I will like to reserve a boat ticket from Cebu City to Getafe, is it possible?

    It will be the 6:00 boat, but I am not sure about the date yet, it could be either May 2 or May 15, 2015.

    Is it risky to buy the ticket on the spot without reservation? Could it be sold out?

    Thanks in advance

  • #20 written by Jolly
    about 2 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We have a sailing double hull aluminium high speed ferry with MTU396TE74L main engine to be saled. It’s built in Australia 1991. The highest speed is 34 miles.It’s 40m length and 12.9 wide with 338 seats.
    If you are interested, please kindly contact with me for further information.

  • #21 written by MK
    about 2 years ago

    Do you guys have trips scheduled for April 3rd? That’s Good Friday so I just want to confirm.

  • #22 written by ED ROSALES
    about 2 years ago

    Need info on your schedule and to buy tickets for 5 to 8 people sa Nov 2015. Can someone please contact me.


  • #23 written by Macky
    about 2 years ago


    Pwede ba magpa reserve ng tickets a week before travel day? Cebu-Tubigon



  • #24 written by Lance Kiwi
    about 2 years ago

    We are wanting to travel from Cebu to Bohol. We have hired a motorbike in Cebu, and would like to know if we are able to take it across to Bohol on your ferry.
    Could you please let us know if this is possible, and also the cost to do this.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    Lance Kiwi.


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