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MV Starcraft Cebu to Tubigon Daily Updated Schedule

mv starcraft cebu tubigon bohol ferry schedule

Cebu to Tubigon Bohol Ferry Boat Schedule . The fare from Tubigon to Cebu and vice versa is Peso 200.00 (Economy), Peso 220.00 (Tourist class), Peso 280.00 (Business class).

Trip Nr. Frequency From Departure To Arrival
1 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 05:45 Tubigon 06:45
2 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 07:00 Tubigon 08:00
3 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 08:30 Tubigon 09:30
4 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 10:30 Tubigon 11:30
5 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 12:30 Tubigon 13:30
6 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 14:00 Tubigon 15:00
7 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 15:30 Tubigon 16:30
8 Daily Cebu (Pier 1) 17:30 Tubigon 18:30
1 Daily Tubigon 07:00 Cebu 08:00
2 Daily Tubigon 08:30 Cebu 09:30
3 Daily Tubigon 11:00 Cebu 12:00
4 Daily Tubigon 12:30 Cebu 13:30
5 Daily Tubigon 14:00 Cebu 15:00
6 Daily Tubigon 16:00 Cebu 17:00
7 Daily Tubigon 17:45 Cebu 18:45
8 Daily Tubigon 19:45 Cebu 20:45

Cebu to Getafe, Bohol ferry schedule

6:00 am
9:00 am
3:30 pm

Getafe, Bohol to Cebu City ferry schedule

7:30 am
10:30 am
5:00 pm

67 Responses to MV Starcraft

  1. fatima says:

    Enjoy the ride with MV STARCRAFT from Cebu to Tubigon and Jetafe, Bohol Philippines.

  2. April L says:

    hi! What is the difference between Tourist class fare and Business class fare? DO I need to schedule in advance?Thanks.

  3. mark says:

    how about mga bata? Free ang what age?

  4. marlene says:

    gud eve sure ba naa
    byahe sa Jan, 20,2013 ang 7;45 pm

  5. fatima says:

    hi sir 3 to 9 yrs under sa child then below 3 free child rate is 165 for tourist then 140 for VIP.. Thank you

  6. CHANTAL says:

    where can i make reservations? how far is tubigon to tourist spots like loboc, chocolate hiills etc.

  7. Derek says:

    Hi. I am planning another trip to Bohol next month with two of my friends. I am sure to take MV StarCraft as my ferry of choice. I would like your assistance again regarding getting a good arrangement for transportation for our Bohol tour. Please get in touch with me at 0906-867-3613. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  8. cristina says:

    how much is the rate from cebu to getafe?

  9. joebert says:

    would like to purchase ticket for 3/28 now. where can i get it.

  10. Menard Paras says:

    sa pier 1 ra ni? wala diay sa pier 3?

  11. marzonic says:

    naa bay byahe karun nga day sir nga bernes santo man?f naa unsa pud mga urasa kay mooli unta ko…d man makontak ang inyung mga contact nos. gud…salamat

  12. myrna says:

    12 of us ready to buy tickets from cebu to bohol for April 17 departure and return April 20. What is the soonest we can buy tickets on business class and how much. Please advice

  13. Hello, I would like to know if naa bay byahe ugma June 2,2013 to Getafe ’cause I’ve heard na wala kuno at the moment. I need your reply ASAP please. Thanks.

  14. amo says:

    May RORO po bang Palompon Leyte to Bogo, Cebu then Cebu to Tubigon? Thank you.

  15. Jamie says:

    Hi, paano po magpareserve ng tickets?

  16. Florin says:

    Can i book tickets online somehow or on the spot? Is it needed to buy them in time generally or on the hour of leaving is ok?

    Waiting for your answer. Thanks

  17. ask lang ko may byahe ba ang tubigon pa cebu tonight September 20,2013? Thanks

  18. Isabel cano says:

    Good day!
    ask ako kung meron ba kayo scheduor pa tubigon ugma adlawa

  19. Hello,

    Where can i buy tickets for ferry in advance.


  20. ask lang f na a larga para cebu ang starcraft karon nga day!!!

  21. archelo says:

    schedule for tubigon-cebu on jan. 2, 2014. thanks!

  22. jennifer espin says:


    this was the whole story :
    we got 2 tickets of starcraft 1 under capt.salcedo and engr.lozada bound for tubigon, bohol yesterday @ 12:30 p.m…..we endorsed that red luggage bag of ours cared of the 2 porters they entrusted the responsibilities with…we went inside the boat and took the ride assured that they will take care of us including our luggages coz it’s apassenger’s boat right ?….as soon as we arrive in tubigon bohol we went outside near roof of the boat where they placed all luggages to claim for our red luggage bag when with all frustrations they cannot give me my red luggage stroller bag coz it was nowhere to be found !!!IT CONTAINS ALL MY VALUABLES , MY CHILD’S NEBULIZER AND ALL HER MEDICINES, OUR CLOTHES AND CASH !!and you know what the crew told us ? they just insensitively ignored my demand ! lozada told me it was not their responsibility to protect our things !!! what ???? i thought they provide comfort and safety for their passengers??? ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILLIPINES BUT NOT WITH STARCRAFT 1 AND THE POSSIBLE LADY FROM MICH VIDEO COVERAGE ,DASMARINAS CAVITE WHO POSSIBLY TOOK MY BAG – JERAMAE C. IGNACIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. jhoy says:

    pwede ba maglukat daan ug ticket a day before mularga, cebu to getafe ? thanks 🙂

  24. I would just like to ask about your trip schedule this coming january 1, 2014 ..? Is there any schedule for that date ? Thank you .

  25. pakitong says:

    daghanun unta ang promo para dili maglisud ang mga backpackers sakay sa inyuha.

  26. valentine says:

    I usually ride the fastcraft at 7am or 7:50 (which never fails to leave at 8:25) in the morning, and would always avail of the business class seats so i can have a more peaceful trip. Your crew, however, would occupy the business class seats or stand on the alleyway. They would tease each other and talk in loud voices. Please advise your men to be more sensitive and considerate. Stay on their designated post. And if ever they have to rest on the business class seats then behave themselves and noy disturb the passengers who paid them right and would want to experience a serene trip. Also, advise them to take a bath or put some deo on as they are polluting the air from the aircon. Thank u!

  27. Randy says:

    Hi, Much better if the last trip for Cebu–>Jetafe will be 5:00pm or 5:30pm so that students and workers will catch it after class and work..


  28. David Tribe says:

    Your website says all ferries leave from Pier 1 but some leave from Pier 3 !!!!!!! How can I get info? Do you have a working telephone number?????

  29. gud morning .maam/sir puede bang magparecerve ng tecket pra sa mayo ang byahe….pila man ang each?

  30. jiji says:

    Whats your schedule tomorrow? Im bound for Tubigon, possibly tomorrow morning. Please include the in what pier. Thank you

  31. April says:

    Please can you let me know if you have any scheduled sailings from Bohol to Cebu on 1st January 2015.

    Many thanks!

  32. Saar says:

    I would like to know if it’s meanwhile possible to make any reservations? Also, I’d like to know if the ferry goes everyday including national days, since we are interested in taking the ferry the 25th of december (17.30) from Cebu to Tubigon.
    Thank you in advance!

  33. hi,

    ask lang if naa’y byahe ugma tubigon-cebu, december 5, 2014? Thanks!

  34. lobot says:

    “ako na2x” system na ilaha..y ayo mawala dili rab sila mubayad…paet

  35. Florence says:

    Good morning,

    How is it possible to book tickets from Cebu to Tubigon ?

    Thanks !

  36. Hey Gud AM! me and my friends want to spend time in bohol this coming friday, maybe you can give me some feedback if there will be a possible tickets for that day, cause that might fall on black Friday. I would be great to hear any reply from you 09463086979 ! Thank you and more power!

  37. Ryan says:


    Naa byahe from cebu to tubigon karon April 3, 2015?

  38. Asking for schedule from getafe to cebu on tuesday june 9th Can I trust the schedule seen in this site? important because i must be at airport by tuesday evening. Or can I trust the schedule from Tubigon to cebu?

  39. Jona says:

    Hi, may I ask, do we need to do the reservation if we would like to buy some tickets for Cebu going to Tubigon? Or from the pier itself, we can purchase it directly.

  40. Camille P says:


    Can you confirm to us that there is a daily ferry boat going from Getafe to Cebu at 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM and that the price is well 220P? Any extra cost for bags? (7kg)

    Will this transfert be available on the 06/10/2015 and 07/10/2015?

    Thank you for your answer.


  41. Bernadine Balite says:

    gud nnoonn pilay plete ninyu cebu-tubigon then vice versa? thank you

  42. fej baguio says:

    my byahe ba kayo sa dec25 at dec31?…please po…i really want to know na my sked kayo on that date.

  43. Lea Sabellano says:


    Is it possible to book tickets in advance from Cebu to Tubigon and vice versa?

  44. PARK says:

    Hi, I would like to make a reservation for my trip from tubigon to cebu. I have tried to find any relavant information but I failed. Do you have reservation system?
    Is the ticket available at the site only? What if it becomes sold out when I arrive the port?
    It would be highly appreciated if you could let me know how to do it.

  45. josie says:

    Hi, we want to go to bohol from cebu do we need to book the ferry ticket in advance before going there and how much.

  46. Mynameis says:

    Some of the posted questions are funny

  47. loloy says:

    pwd ta mo lukat daan ug ticket?

  48. loven says:

    gud pm… ask lang unta ko… f pwede advance ticket for getafe to cebu on saturday 5pm sched.. and pwede dere cebu lukat…. asa dapit lukat

  49. Djioni Secuban says:

    we are going to tubigon. where can we buy ticket? where in cebu is your exact place? is this blog still update.


  50. Elena says:

    where to make a reservation of two tickets to Economy class – one way?
    Waiting for your reply!

  51. Jessy S. says:


    Thanks for this website. But would like to know if MV StarCraft has travel on December 25, 2016 bound for Tubigon, Bohol? Flight ko po is from Manila to Cebu pero uwi ko po is Bohol. Hope for your response on this matter.

  52. roxette says:

    Goodevening, naa moy byahe dec. 30 sa gabie? mga alas 8?
    Pwede ko magpa book daan karong december 24?

  53. Nico says:

    Is it easy to find a Van from Tubigon pier for Panglao, or a booking is it needed?

  54. mrk says:

    is there a schedule on January 1,2017?

  55. Katy says:

    Hi we are looking to get the ferry 9th Jan from Cebu to Bohol can we buy tickets on the day?

  56. Melinda santos bayotlang says:

    Hi po may byahe po ba sa ngayong friday ng umaga tubigon to cebu

  57. Omar and kenza Takoua says:


    we would like to book 2 tickets from Tubigon to Cebu on January 28th 2017 at 11am as we have a flight from cebu at 3 pm.
    How can we please confirm the reservation and what is the best way to come from Carmen to Tubigon?


  58. Ulyssis Bacharo says:

    Hello everyone. Seems like the last comment was posted 1 year ago na. Meron ba ditong may alam ng contact number nila? Daghang salamat sa makatubag.

  59. Labelia says:

    Hi, inquire ta ko kung pila ang fare sa adult ug sa bata aging 4 yrs. old. from cebu to tubigon?,, pls. reply !

  60. Jerome says:

    Good day MVstarcraft,

    may tanong po ako.
    Ano po ang policy sa baggage or maleta? kelangan ba bayaran ang luggage? May dalawa po ako medium na maleta. pwede ba sa ferry to?

    thank you

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